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Educating the Community in Full Body Health

Our approach is simple yet effective:

we look at the whole body.

Human beings are not just made up of one part but many moving parts, and we take into account eating habits, sleep, stress, allergies, and much more. By working through each interconnecting piece, we’re able to give an in-depth look into health and wellness.


Pure On Main is a whole body wellness center that educates, empowers, and equipes individuals to live life to the fullest.

With a highly attuned and compassionate staff, the guesswork for health is over! We’ve put in the time to research and understand alternative medicine as we focus on each individual person who walks through our doors.
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Immerse yourself in a relaxing experience with our services which include massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, stretch therapy, wellness consultation and ionic foot detoxification

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As herbal medicine shifts and grows, we stay up to date on new information and have dedicated ourselves to our practice.

Whether you’re looking for a consultation, massage, cleansing, herbs, vitamins, or CBD, Pure On Main is the experienced and helpful team you need.

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Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville,
South Carolina, Pure On Main is committed to
providing healthy living all around the world!
All orders are available for shipping anywhere
for a $7 flat rate. Wellness is at your fingertips!


“We moved to downtown Greenville a couple of years ago.  I was able to immediately plug into Colonics, Massage Therapy and the wisdom and passion of Julia for herbal remedies that has impacted my daily life by incorporating detox teas for on-going gentle cleansing.  Greenville is so blessed to have this well rounded business at our finger tips!  And did I mention the products they carry…..amazing!  Thank you Pure on Main for your dedication to HEALTH!”

Lenna Quinn

“I have been a loyal and VERY happy client for three years. Coming from San Francisco where there are a multitude of colon hydrotherapists, I have to say Betsy is by far the best. She is extremely knowledgeable about overall wellness and the many different herbs, supplements and therapies available and will design a program that works for her individual clients to match their needs and lifestyle.  And on top of all this – Betsy is a truly beautiful and genuine person who cares deeply about her clients and improving their health and well-being.”

Sandy S.

“As a man who already values health, nutrition, and physical activity, colon hydrotherapy has become a welcome addition to my wellness routine. Although I was initially apprehensive of the whole process, my first experience was comfortable, professional and safe—clearing up any of those previous apprehensions. After my first colonic I actually felt a remarkable difference, both in how I felt and physical performance—I was comfortably able to do more push-ups and crunches than the day before and I maintained a better energy level throughout the day. Being rid of toxins has allowed my body to perform at a more efficient level. Nutrition actually feels more readily digested and absorbed, therefore contributing to my endurance and enhanced physical performance. I decided to purchase a 10-pack of colon hydrotherapy sessions and plan to incorporate it into my lifestyle.”


“I am so glad that I found the very knowledgeable team at Pure on Main nearly three years ago!  Betsy Exton has done a phenomenal job of pulling together a comprehensive and dedicated team to address wellness in a natural manner.  From nutrition to detoxification, as well as help with individualized supplement planning/support and massage, Betsy’s entire team has made a tremendous contribution to my overall health and wellness.  Many thanks to Betsy and her team at Pure on Main!!! “

Andrea Meadows

I would love to brag on Julia! After years of insomnia, I decided to give herbal medicine a try.  Julia was so gracious with her time in listening to my sleepless woes.  Being an avid gardener, I am familiar with many plants Julia suggested.  It has been remarkable how well her suggestions have worked for me….absolutely remarkable.  Everyone at Pure has been so friendly and helpful.

Susan Temple

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