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Blood Testing: What Does Yours Look Like?

Is your body talking to you? Do you know what it’s saying? The body can heal itself and tell us what is needs of we understand its language. Paying attention to warning signs allows the opportunity to correct imbalances before they manifest as illness.


This is what I love to do. My name is Julia Fuller. I live in the North Main Neighborhood and was born and raised here in Greenville. I am a nutritional counselor at Pure On Main, a Wellness Center, across the street from the Hyatt on N. Main Street.

Wellness Consultations

A two-hour consultation with me could transform your life. I use many tools to interpret what your body is saying. These include Blood Cell Analysis, Iridology, Face, Tongue and Fingernail Analysis, Urine & Saliva Testing for pH, Sugars and Salts; and Muscle Testing for Food Compatibility.

Live Blood Cell Analysis is my favorite tool. We look together at the blood cells under a microscope with a camera attached to a TV. A single drop of blood tells such a story. Are you feeling fatigued? It may be that your cells are all stuck together and unable to carry oxygen.

Client Testimonials

One of my clients, who came to me on five meds with low functioning kidneys, was extremely fatigued. Almost all his cells were stuck together, limiting his oxygen. We used nutrients to clean the junk from his blood. He changed his diet, and within six months he lost 63 lbs, and no longer needed blood pressure, cholesterol, gout or diabetes meds. He told me he had never felt better. His cells looked round and circulated freely.

Blood wellness consultation testimonial

A parent came to me because her child was having trouble focusing in school and she did not want to give him the drugs others were suggesting. We were able to determine that he was missing some basic nutrients from his diet. When these were added into his diet, within two months, his teachers all commented on the change in his behavior.

Who are my clients? Anyone interested in learning about the body in an interactive way. Most commonly, people came with complaints of constipation, digestive discomfort, a desire to reverse high blood sugar naturally instead of with drugs, chronic headaches, fatigue, night sweats, and insomnia among others.

Blood Testing

What else can we see in the blood?   Mineralization of cells and free radicals damage to the cells, because people are not getting enough antioxidants from foods like spinach, berries, beans, and dark chocolate to match the stressors of our modern world. Free radical damage can cause premature aging and lead to disease if left unchecked.

antioxidant berries

Parasites, yeast and bacteria can damage our cells. Uric acid crystals and other crystals form when pH is acidic. We can balance pH to halt this pattern and use herbs to dissolve stone formations so that, one doesn’t have to turn to extreme measures like surgery, because the patter has led to a health crisis that needs emergency medical attention.

What does your blood looks like?  Find out when you book your appointment today by calling Pure On Main (864) 991-2626 or online at

 I look forward to seeing you.

By: Julia Fuller – Nutritional Counselor, Pure On Main