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Medicinal Mushrooms – Ancient Wisdom in a Bottle

Greetings from Julia Fuller, CNHP, and Wholistic Health Consultant at Pure On Main, a cutting-edge Wellness Center in downtown Greenville, also offering Colon hydrotherapy and Message Therapy. Our team at Pure On Main, assists the modern human with detoxification and health building.

Medicinal Mushrooms Types

I have been using and recommending medical mushrooms in my practice and working with others for over a decade.  I am passionate about sharing some exciting information about the beauty of how medicinal mushrooms are an effective tool in our arsenal of preventative and healing plant medicines.

The History of Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are a bridge to ancient wisdom. The root system of mushrooms, or Mycelium, is underneath the entire earth. Looking at the history of the earth, we have learned that after a natural catastrophe destroyed life on the planet, the Mycelium of mushrooms was the key to plant life being re-established. 

The mushroom root system is the internet of the planet, a network that delivers survival information to every plant on earth. This is how plants learn to adapt and evolve to their environment. Similarly, they take this action in our bodies, carrying information to help our bodies reconnect to the abundant knowledge already encoded in our cells.

Medicinal Mushrooms Forrest

As modern life has disconnected us from nature and our cells are inundated with unnatural stimuli, using medicinal mushrooms helps us reawaken a suppressed wisdom that our bodies have forgotten over time.

How Medicinal Mushrooms Work

Medicinal mushrooms are tonics encouraging natural immunity by nourishing every system of our bodies “Tonic” is an herb or nutrient that is taken in small amounts over a longer period of time, to restore, regenerate, tone, normalize, or strengthen a specific organ or the whole body.

Paul Stamets is one of the world’s leading Mycologists. His Pacific North Western family-oriented company, Host Defense, or Fungi Perfecti, is pioneering some of the most exciting research using mushrooms to clean up toxic waste sites and restoring polluted land to health.

Reishi Mushrooms

After introducing mushroom spores to these toxic land dumps, over time, the mushrooms decompose the toxic waste and make it disappears, replacing it with plants. How amazing to learn that we can use these intelligent fungi to help detoxify and rebuild our bodies as well.

Different Types of Mushrooms

Different mushrooms have an affinity for certain body system. For example, Cordyceps is associated with lungs as it allows more oxygen uptake and is a favorite among athletes or people with impaired respiratory function.

Agarikon Mushrooms

Agarikon Organic Mushrooms, Host Defense

Agarikon shows more anti-viral activity than any plant on the planet and has been studies by the Department of Defence as protection against bio-warfare. 

Agarikon is ideal for the person dealing with a viral load that flares up and dies down. Maitake contains glyconutrients, boosting immunity and also supports blood sugar regulation.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane (the mushroom that looks like a brain), supports clear mental function and is a tremendous tool for brain/nerve imbalances.

Reishi Mushrooms

Host Defense Reishi

Reishi, known as “The Mushroom of Immortality,” supports every system of our bodies. With over 1300 published studies, Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi Mushroom, prevent oxidation of LDL Lipoproteins, causing plaque from accumulating in the arteries, making it the ultimate heart tonic.

Reshi increases life force energy, acts as a stress adaptagen, tumor shrinker and immune builder, just to name a few of its many attributes.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Women’s Hormone Balance

Medicinal mushrooms are often combined and work synergistically in formulas to support specific health issues. 

The Women’s Formula from Host Defense, is one of my favorite mushroom combinations for women choosing a non-medical path to hormone balance, and looking for healthy breast support.  Two of the mushrooms found in this formula are Turkey Tail and Mesima Mushrooms, which both work in metabolizing and detoxifying estrogen from the liver.

Additionally, Reishi and Maitake Mushrooms work as antioxidant rich tonics modulating immune function and supporting the adrenals, pancreas and heart. Host Defense’s Women’s Formula, also adds herbal tonics, Chaste Tree Berry (known as Women’s Best Friend) and Shatavari, herbs that nourish the female organs at any stage or age and helps balance hormonal function.

Woman Mushroom

The Women’s Formula is the ideal tonic for any woman looking for natural hormone balance and estrogen metabolism, or any woman choosing a non-medical path to healing unhealthy cellular function.  Anyone taking estrogen blockers or other medications should always check with your doctor or health professional before using any natural supplement. 

For More Information on Medicinal Mushrooms

To learn more about the Host Defense Women’s Formula, or any of the medicinal mushrooms and how they could potentially boost your health, please come visit us at Pure On Main.

medicinal mushrooms

For a more in-depth analysis of your body systems and which mushrooms might best benefit your individual needs, call Pure On Main at (864) 991-2726 to schedule a two hour consultation with me. Wonderful wishes!