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Can Typhonium Plus Really Help Fight Cancer? : An Interview With Betsy Exton, Owner, Pure On Main

In this interview with Betsy Exton, Pure On Main holistic healing store owner and one of four therapists that works for the world-renowned Tony Robbins, we will learn about Typhonium and its use for treating cancer.  

A new natural cancer-fighting product has hit the U.S. market: Typhonium Plus. To learn more, we sat down with Betsy Exton, owner of Pure On Main in Greenville, SC, a natural and holistic health store.  

Betsy has worked with renown health and nutrition experts like Tony Robbins, and Terry Hall at Creative Health in Greenville, SC. She began her career path working at Ann Wigmore Natural Institute in Aguada, PR; one of the most recognized healing centers in the world.  

Betsy has been committed to helping patients live a better life through natural and holistic health for over 15 years. Her passion for helping others feel better shines through in this interview. 

Q: I’ve heard that Typhonium Plus is very new to the U.S. market. How did you first learn about Typhonium Plus?

A: (Exton)
First, if you are reading this interview and you or a loved one has cancer, my sympathy and support goes out to you. I hope that you find this information informative and helpful in supporting you in your battle.   

When I first opened Pure On Main, several years ago, I was working with a Naturopathic Doctor. She and I set out on a mission to find the best product that we felt was safe and effective in supporting those going through cancer. We looked at 100s of natural products on the market today that are used to treat cancer. Finally, we found Typhonium Plus, a product that is manufactured in Indonesia (because of where the Typhonium Flagelliforme plant naturally grows). But you pretty much couldn’t get the product in the United States. We fought to carry it in our stores. Today, we are only 1 of 2 stores in the United States that carries the product.

Q: Wow. So have you been selling a lot of the product since then? What do your customers think?

A: (Exton)
Thousands of the boxes have been flying off of the shelves. I have one doctor in Florida who orders the boxes every week because he has found it to be so effective for his patients. He has found that the cancer count is in his patients is going down so significantly that he orders it constantly. Most of these patients have either rectal or prostate cancer. I also have customers that drive in from Charleston, SC to my store (over a 3 hour drive), just to get the product.

 Q: So does the cancer shrink for all of the patients? What are the other benefits?

A: (Exton)
Great question. The number one reported benefit is having much more energy and boosted immune system. This is a big deal for those who have felt beaten down and exhausted from their battle for cancer.  

The second most common positive result that we see is white blood cell counts decreasing. The increased presence of white blood cells in the body indicates that it is fighting off infection. So when we see the white blood cell counts decreasing, this can indicate that there is less inflammation and infection that the body is having to fight off.  

Q: How can you know if the Typhonium Plus is working?

A: (Exton)
Some people feel like they have more energy after the first few days. But when it comes to the cancer-fighting effects, it is important to take it regularly for at least a month first. Get on it and stay on it. Even if you feel some of the side effects (which is not common), it can still be working.

Q: Does Typhonium also work in pets?

A: (Exton)
I haven’t had any pets take Typhonium. But I love my fur babies and would not be opposed to giving it to them in smaller doses if they were ever to need it. I’d likely dose it out by weight – 150-200 pounds. I’ve actually taken the Typhonium Plus myself (I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking myself) and think it could be helpful.

Thanks Betsy!

You can learn more about Typhonium Plus and purchase this amazing supplement on our Typhonium Plus Product Page.