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Is Anxiety or Depression Keeping You Down?

How many people do you know that are on anxiety or antidepressant medication? The effects of anxiety are ever increasing.

Anxiety & Depression

Depression and Anxiety

 It is a weekly occurrence that someone walks into the Pure On Main Wellness Center sharing ongoing issues with anxiety and depression. Life is not easy, and daily pressures continue to mount. Life is full of obstacles and challenges!

We often realized that we need to make a change and adjust to better ways of managing our day-to-day. Whether it is financial struggles, relationships, childhood memories, or current health conditions, these are real situations that can hinder us from living in optimal health. What does that have to do with natural health? EVERYTHING!

 Why not try a natural way to help your mind and body? At Pure On Main, we allow each person to release their “life stuff” and assist in finding ways to better accept and even flourish in their daily routines. It could be as simple as a couple drops of an all natural liquid tincture of Ashwagandha or Passionflower to make a big difference.

Why use natural supplements? Plants, vegetables, healthy foods, mushrooms, organic oils, roots, and all earthborn gifts can offer enough to take the edge off and see the bright side of every situation. Additionally, these natural supplements are not riddled with synthetic fillers that perpetuate the effects of anxiety.

Natural Solutions

Charlotte's Web CBD Calm Gummies

While there are a variety of natural solutions, Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of our top sellers. In simple terms, it is a part of the cannabis plant that interacts with our naturally occurring systems without the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD plays a role in the mediation of body temperature, pain perception, and inflammation. The supplement provides a calm sea to an anxious person and relief for those suffering tremors and tumors.

We carry one of the most trusted brands, and as mentioned earlier, Ashwagandha and Passionflower offer a balancing effect, helping the body find homeostasis. When the body systems work harmoniously and are correctly fueled, underlying anxiety tends to dissolve. These herbs help to unify the body systems and provide relief on an internal level.

Pure On Main Can Help

 Anxiety and depression range from mild to severe, and there are natural supplements that fit every scenario. Come in to Pure On Main today, and meet with one of our health advisors for assistance on what best fits your health needs.


Pure On Main is a full service holistic health and wellness center that provides our clients with essential services and products that allow you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Our goal is to help you find your way of feeling better, looking better, and being pure!

From our services such as: hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, and nutritional counseling to our store filled with beneficial items for your body and soul, Pure On Main strives to provide you with what you need to become and stay pure.

We look forward to seeing you in our store located at 233 North Main Street, Unit 105, Greenville, SC 29601.