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Lovely motherwort. I’m called to write today about an herb that is close to my heart.

      In natural medicine, we are often taught that herbs that help the womb also help the heart.This sweet herb is a strong ally to us. 
-She relaxes the womb and is antispasmodic. 
-Soothes anxiety.
-Eases heartache.
I use motherwort when friends are having a very heavy menstrual flow, cramping, pms, and to soothe the nerves and calm the heart. Motherwort is supremely useful for the digestive system. Her antispasmodic properties relax stomach and intestinal cramping. It is not a laxative, but a relaxant and a bitter herb. When taken as a tincture, especially before meals, it supports healthy digestion and movement.
This amazing herb is a wonderful simple (an herb taken by itself instead of in combination) for anxiety or frazzled nerves. She does beautifully in combinations to support female reproductive health, digestion, or in antispasmodic blends. Get to know Motherwort today!

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