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Health Issues: Help for Greenville’s Top 5

When you run a business with the sole mission of improving people’s lives you hear about the same health issues over and over again: poor sleep, chronic stress, poor digestion, pain, and low immunity.

On a happy note, I’ve also seen a lot of people recover from illnesses they thought they had to live with for the rest of their lives: eczema, poor elimination, anxiety, stomach ulcers, and low energy to name a few.

Inflammation is Key

 All these things share the same root cause, inflammation. Inflammation can be a hero, like when you cut yourself, and the bleeding stops. However, chronic, ongoing inflammation eventually creates havoc in the body. Think about arthritis, cancer, migraines, IBD, and autoimmunity.

Discovering a short-term remedy provides relief and gives you clarity while your investigative skills work on identifying probable cause. Lifestyle changes take longer to show results, but are necessary for progress.

Lifestyle Hacks

My mom once said, “It’s not what you do some of the time that matters. It’s what you do all of the time.” She was right. Inflammation is the result of everyday choices.

Do you eat lots of processed or fried foods? Have you considered sensitivities like grains, dairy, sugar, soy, or night shades? Hydration makes a big difference in body function.

Then there’s exercise- nature’s way of charging us up, and helping us unwind. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night gives your body valuable repair time.

What thoughts do you allow to populate your head and heart? Do you give an receive forgiveness freely? Are you living in the present? All of this REALLY matters, but don’t just take our word for it.

Downtown resident Lenna Quinn states,

“We moved to downtown Greenville a couple of years ago. I immediately plugged into colonics and massage therapy [at Pure On Main]. Julia’s wisdom and passion for herbal remedies has impacted my daily life by incorporating detox teas for on-going, gentle cleansing. Greenville is so blessed to have this well-rounded business at its fingertips, and did I mention the products they carry are amazing? Thank you Pure On Main for your dedication to health!”

Quick Relief

What’s your daily struggle? Take your symptoms one day at a time, and when you need direction, ask experts for help. I’ve put together the top five health issues we encounter most at Pure on Main, lifestyle hacks, and some simple fast acting remedies that I call, “quick relief.”

Top 5 Health Issues & Remedies

  1. Poor Sleep (Insomnia, Restlessness)
  2. Chronic Stress & Anxiety
    • Lifestyle Hacks- Deep breathing, lower caffeine consumption, forgiveness, and exercise
    • Quick Relief- Himalaya Stress Care
  3. Poor Digestion
    • Lifestyle Hacks- Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly, eat mostly unprocessed foods, and stop eating when you feel 80% full
    • Quick Relief- Allegany Digestive Enzymes and book an appointment with Julia, our Master Herbalist for specialized recommendations
  4. Pain & Inflammation
    • Lifestyle Hacks- Eat healthy foods, apply hot or cold packs, reduce sugar consumption
    • Quick Relief- New Chapter Zyflamend joint support
  5. Low Immunity
    • Lifestyle Hacks- Eat healthy foods, reduce sugar consumption, exercise, and drink 8 glasses of water daily
    • Quick Relief- Health Force Vitamineral Green, Pure Herbs Astralagus tincture

Visit Pure On Main

If you have these common health issues, and you would like our help, please stop by our storefront on Main Street, across from the Hyatt, or visit our website at www.pure on

We’d love to personalize a wellness plan tailored to your unique needs!