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Explore the Incredible Benefits of Vitamin K and Vitamin E

Explore the Incredible Benefits of Vitamin K and Vitamin E

Vitamins play an essential role in keeping our bodies healthy for the long term. While we typically rely on our daily food intake to provide us with the necessary nutrients our bodies need, often times the foods we are consuming just will not cut it. In fact, right now one-third of the population could be suffering from at least one vitamin deficiency. Fortunately, taking vitamins and supplements is the easiest way to ensure you are getting proper nutrition throughout your day.

Understanding the need for nutrition is the key to living a healthy happy life. Ensure your body is getting the vitamins it craves by learning what your body needs or not. Below we will explore the uses and benefits of vitamin K and vitamin E.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is typically the last vitamin people think about in their daily diet. The ‘K’ in vitamin K comes from the German word ‘Koagulation’ which is defined as the blood’s ability to form blood clots to avoid hemorrhage. Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.

There are two main types of this nutrient, the first vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (menaquinone). You can find this vitamin naturally in leafy vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, and cereals.

Benefits of Vitamin K

1.      Aids in Blood Clotting

Our blood needs vitamin K to produce a protein and clotting factor known as prothrombin. Prothrombin is important in blood clotting and bone metabolism. Vitamin K is essential to the body’s functions as it prevents excessive blood loss, bleeding, and hemorrhage.

2.      Improves Bone Health

Interestingly, vitamin K works with vitamin D to help improve bone health by assisting calcium present in the blood to reach the bones successfully. It protects bones from fractures, increases their density and makes them stronger.  

3.      Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Certain minerals can deposit in the blood vessel walls over time. This can cause a hindrance in blood flow which can further lead to cardiovascular disease. Vitamin K prohibits these mineral deposits within the arterial walls and helps the heart pump blood throughout the body easily.

4.      Better Memory

Increased intake of vitamin K improves cognitive health and has also shown an improvement in the memory of older people.

What Happens When You Do Not Take Enough Vitamin K?

Vitamin K deficiency is not very common our body does not need as much as you’d think. In fact, the bacteria living in our gut also produce vitamin K.

Lack of vitamin K can cause bleeding (from the nose, in the stomach, intestine, etc.), frequent bruising, poor bone health (may cause osteoporosis), or cardiovascular disease. To overcome this deficiency, increasing the intake of vitamin K is often recommended.

The Institute of Medicine recommends an intake of 90 mgs of vitamin K per day by women and 120 mgs per day by men.

Supplements That Can Help You Get an Adequate Amount of Vitamin K

Dr. Mercola Vitamin K2 Supplement

If you are lacking vitamin K in your diet, we recommend you try Dr. Mercola Vitamin K2 Supplements after consulting your doctor. As the name indicates, these supplements provide your body with a sufficient amount of vitamin K that it needs to stay healthy and function properly.

Vitamin E

You may have thought vitamin E was only for skincare. While yes vitamin E has endless uses in the beauty world, vitamin E also plays a vital role in ensuring our bodies are functioning at peak performance.
Benefits of Vitamin E

Acts as an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are molecules found in the cell that remove the unstable molecules known as free radicals from the body before they cause damage to the integrity of your cells. Free radicals are the results that form when our bodies convert food into energy. These free radical molecules tend to be erratic within our cells and have a tendency to harm our cell walls. This cell wall damage can cause the aging process to speed up significantly.

Improves Immune System

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which aids in fighting off infection within your body. In order to maintain a healthy immune system, your immune system needs to be able to fight on its own and eliminate an infection quickly. Vitamin E gives your system the boost it needs to keep moving forward.


Studies performed by the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics of the Qingdao University Medical College have shown that regular vitamin E intake has proven to decrease the risk of age-related cataracts.

Muscle Regeneration

Vitamin E plays an important role in the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances, which are responsible for regulating a variety of body functions, including blood pressure and muscle contraction. The use of vitamin E has been shown to aid in muscle repair after exercise.
What Happens When You Do Not Take Enough Vitamin E?
Of course, the ideal way to get your vitamin E is through eating natural foods. However, if you do not follow your diet properly or perhaps a new health problem arises, you may begin suffering from a vitamin E deficiency.
Typically, vitamin E deficiencies occur more commonly in infants or people with fat malabsorption. However, check with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with vitamin E deficiency below:

  • Anemia
  • Skeletal myopathy
  • Ataxia
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Retinopathy
  • Impairment of the immune response
  • Nerve damage

To overcome this deficiency, vitamin E supplements are recommended to restore the proper levels within the body. For average adults, 15mg is the daily recommended vitamin E dose.

New Chapter | Every Woman Multi-Vitamins

As women age, certain changes occur in the body that may lead to vitamin deficiency. Unfortunately, keeping track of our nutrients has become all the more difficult with the world constantly in a hurry.

New Chapter introduced Every Woman Multi-Vitamins for all the busy women out there. These vitamin supplements are comprised of natural ingredients to shoulder the burden for women and help them lead an energetic and healthy life.

The vitamins and minerals packed inside these supplements are known to improve health and remove many nutritional deficiencies.  These supplements can be used daily or as necessary to fill any gaps within your diet.