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Top 5 Natural Allergy Relief Products

Top 5 Natural Allergy Relief Products

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, over 50 million Americans experience symptoms from allergies each year. You develop an allergy when your body encounters a foreign substance, called an allergen, that causes your immune system to react. Allergens come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are brought on by things we inhale or eat, such as pollen, dust mites, dairy products, tree nuts, and more.

You should always consult a medical professional about your allergies at first to ensure you don’t need further treatment with medication or immunotherapy, especially if you’ve suffered a serious allergic reaction in the past. But, for those whose symptoms are less severe, you may be able to use natural remedies to find relief. If you’re interested, check out the top five natural allergy relief products we’ve listed below to see if any of them spark your interest.

For those considering natural alternatives for allergy relief, please talk with your doctor first, and never reduce or discontinue allergy medication unless directed by your physician.

Vitamin C

A popular 2018 study found that high doses of Vitamin C helped reduce symptoms in people with respiratory or skin-related allergies. They also found evidence to suggest a lack of Vitamin C is a common trend among people with allergies. We already know that Vitamin C is a key substance for helping our immune system, so it makes perfect sense that this vitamin could be used to help relieve allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which means it helps remove unwanted substances, such as reactive oxidative species (ROS). This is what helps Vitamin C help combat allergies, because when your immune system triggers an inflammatory response to an allergen, ROS is released.

Check out some of our vitamin C options here at Pure on Main, such as our Ener-C Powdered Drink Mix or these chewable Vitamin C tablets.

Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation is a popular practice for people with allergies that cause respiratory symptoms. This home remedy involves using a specialized saline solution, or salt water, to rinse out your nasal passages and clear excess mucus. When using nasal irrigation to relieve allergy symptoms, it’s critical that you only use boiled or distilled water to help prevent infections. Nasal irrigation can be done daily, or even multiple times per day, to help relieve allergy symptoms.

When used regularly, nasal irrigation can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • The removal of allergens, such as pollen or dust, from your nasal passages
  • Relief from nasal dryness
  • Improved mucus flow to help naturally clear sinuses
  • A reduction of swelling in mucous membranes
  • Improved breathing

There are many types of devices you can use for nasal irrigation, but the Neti pot is certainly the most common. It looks similar to a tea pot and has a spout for you to pour the saline solution in one nostril until it comes out the other. Other nasal irrigation products include squeeze bottles or bulb syringes. We carry a dishwasher-safe, ceramic Neti Pot, as well as nasal irrigation cleansing salt on our website.


Bromelain is a chemical compound found in the core and juice of pineapples.* This substance has been used medicinally for centuries by people in Central and South America. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help with respiratory allergy relief, which is why many have decided to start taking bromelain supplements. It has also been used to help reduce muscle soreness and osteoarthritis. We offer a daily tablet that contains both bromelain and quercetin, which is next on the list for natural allergy relief.

Bromelain may cause digestive upset or heavier than normal menstrual cycles, so it’s best to consult your doctor before taking it as a supplement. Those who are allergic to pineapple should refrain from taking bromelain supplements.


Quercetin is a natural antioxidant that can be found in many different plants and foods, including apples, onions, green tea, broccoli, and more. Like Vitamin C, quercetin can help with removing unwanted substances or free radicals, which are also known as reactive oxidative species (ROS) These types of substances are released during an allergic reaction. Some studies have also noted that quercetin may inhibit the release of histamine, the organic compound responsible for the immune system’s inflammatory response to allergens. 

At Pure on Main, we have a variety of quercetin supplements available, including pure encapsulations of quercetin, advanced quercetin bioflavonoid complex, and activated quercetin with bromelain.

Stinging Nettle

Our final honorable mention for natural allergy relief is the Stinging Nettle plant. This has been used medicinally since ancient times, and it provides many benefits, including allergy relief. In fact, the Stinging Nettle was used by the ancient Egyptians to help treat arthritis and back pain. Stinging Nettle leaves have tiny, hair-like structures that can sting and cause itching when touched, hence the name. However, once the plant has been processed, it can be used safely as a supplement. One of the properties of Stinging Nettle that makes it a popular choice for allergy relief is its ability to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of histamine.

Our Season’s Releaf drops from Pine’s Herbals incorporates Stinging Nettle along with a few other herbs to help relieve symptoms of hay fever.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the top five natural allergy relief products on the market. For all your allergy, cold and sinus relief needs, you can visit our website for wide selection of natural and organic supplements.