Betsy Exton

As owner of Pure On Main, Betsy is dedicated to helping her clients and customers live well, let go and enjoy life. She has been in the field of health and healing for over 16 years. Her commitment to better health has led her to create a peaceful environment for you to relax, unwind and enjoy some harmony in your day.

Betsy is an Advanced I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist who has worked with over 20,000 clients on 3 continents. She began her career path working at Ann Wigmore Natural Institute in Aguada, PR; one of the most recognized healing centers in the world. She has been trained under some of the most well-respected therapists in the field.

She has spent the last 8 years working in Greenville, SC at Creative Health with Terry Hall and many other health and nutrition experts. In addition to becoming a preferred Colon Hydrotherapist in the Upstate, she is also one of four therapists that work for the world-renowned Tony Robbins. Betsy travels twice a year to provide colon cleansing to hundreds of his participants.

She believes Colon Cleansing to be the most effective way to rid the body of toxic buildup and waste.  It is a safe and gentle way of hydrating the colon allowing your body to naturally release the debris that has been building up. Research shows the average American retains over 15 lbs. of waste. This waste can contribute to disease and illness. Cleansing is essential to health and wellness.  Once the body is rid of toxins, the nutrients from food, vitamins, and supplements can be more easily assimilated and absorbed.

Betsy uses the most recognized brand of equipment; the Dotolo Toxygen. Each session takes about 45 minutes during which time she will talk to you about digestion health. It is extremely important to Betsy that her clients feel safe and relaxed during the procedure.

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