How Beautycounter Is Countering The Beauty Industry

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. But this hasn't stopped Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew from self-regulating her line of beauty and skincare products to provide safer skincare for all.


Beautycounter is a line of skincare and beauty products made without the use of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals, or what the brand has deemed its "Never List." The company, which will turn 5 years old in March, was born out of Renfrew's realization that there just were just not safe skin and beauty products on the market that also delivered performance. 

But unlike many other "organic/non-GMO/paraben free/etc" products on the market, the Beautycounter difference is the rigorous testing performed to ensure the products perform as well as other luxe skincare, shampoos, lipsticks or oils on the market. 

Every single ingredient that goes into Beautycounter products is screened for safety. And this means looking for specific research on cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption and more. The Beautycounter team accesses government bodies, non-profit health organizations, academia and industry sources to verify its research. The group will even commission its own research studies when not able to access adequate information to draw conclusions about ingredient safety. 

Not surprisingly, Beautycounter sources from sustainable, non-GMO suppliers. And wherever possible, the company tries to support the U.S. economy. 

FUN Beautycounter facts.

  • Due in part to lobbying by Beautycounter staff, the number of banned cosmetic ingredients in the United States has grown from 11 to 30 over the past five years. 
  • Beautycounter is the only company in the industry with no heavy metals in its cosmetics. 
  • 80% of Beautycounter ingredients are organic. All other ingredients are researched and verified to be safe. 
  • Beautycounter product labels identify EVERY formula ingredient, while other brands simply note "fragrance" or "flavor" without noting the component makeup. 
  • CEO Gregg Renfrew established The Wedding List in the United States, which was later acquired by Martha Stewart in 2001, making it the first acquisition under the Martha Stewart Living brand.

Pure On Main & Beautycounter

For Pure On Main, the relationship with Beautycounter was a natural fit. A wellness center dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best, from the inside out, when Pure On Main Owner Betsy Exton met Beautycounter Consultant Erin Ross, they both saw that they shared the same mission. 

"People come to Pure On Main to be healthier and feel better," says Ross, now also a Colon Hydrotherapy client of Exton's. "It's exciting to see that Pure On Main will now be able to offer safer beauty products as well." 

Erin's journey to being a Beautycounter consultant started after losing a close family member to cancer. Wanting to better understand what day-to-day products we come into contact with that have cancer-causing properties, and clean up her lifestyle, she discovered the Beautycounter brand. 

BeautyCounter Pure On Main.png

Interested in trying out the Beautycounter line of products? Shop online with Pure On Main Founder Betsy Exton or visit our store on Main Street in Greenville, SC to view and purchase products.

Best Of 2017: Pure On Main's Most Raved About Products This Year

As the year comes to a close, we take a look back - to our most raved about products this year! Overeating at holiday parties, weight gain and the stress of the holidays can leave us feeling less than jolly.

But don't worry!

Our Best Wellness Products of 2017 will help you make it through! Plus, they make great holiday gifts. So read on and spread the gift of being well.


1. Vitamineral Green

Vitamineral Green is nature's multivitamin, a collection of 30 of the most micronutrient-rich superfoods on the planet, all carefully processed and dried at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrient integrity. 

How To Take It: 
Made only from whole food sources, this green powder can be mixed into purified water or blended with fresh fruit and other vegetable juices for a meal replacement or snack. Raw, vegan and gluten-free, it will leave you feeling full and energized! 


2. Hemp Protein

A great natural source of plant protein, this Hemp Protein is easily digestible and contains whole food vitamins, minerals, and healing and protective phytonutrients. Many protein powders are acid forming, difficult to digest/assimilate, create bloating, gas, and allergic reactions, are hard on the kidneys, contain pesticides, GMOs, and hexane solvent residues. Purity Protein, which  contain TruGanic hemp protein is easy to digest and delivers just the right amount of nutrients when you need them!

How To Take It:
Hemp protein has a delicious nutty flavor that mixes well in any juices, smoothies, yogurt, or even as a natural snack. We recommend adding this protein to your Vitamineral Greens as a meal replacement giving you the protein and healthy fats needed to keep you feeling energized. 

3. Cellfood Oxygen Supplement

It’s not just our favorite!! It’s also the World’s No. 1 Oxygen Supplement since 1969. CellFood releases Oxygen and Hydrogen throughout the body. It also contains a wide array of trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in pure, bioavailable form. This helps oxygenate, detox, and nourish the cells, boosting energy levels, increasing brain function, supporting the lungs, supporting the immune system, and providing powerful electrolyte activity.


How To Take It: 
Add 7-10 drops to water 2-3 times a day. We recommend taking this in the morning and afternoon, it gives you a ton of energy so it is probably not best to take it later in the evening. Cellfood has a slight citrus taste making your water taste like it has some lemon in it. 

4. Essential Oils

Add them to a quality Pure On Main-recommended diffuser for aromatherapy benefits for you and your guests. Plus, your entire space will smell great! From Bergamot, Cardamom and Chamomile, to Coffee and Cocoa, our Essential Oil selection has something for every taste and wellness need! 

How To Use Them:
Use with an essential oil diffuser to get the maximum dispersion and benefits. Essential Oils can also be used topically or made into blends with a desired purpose (cleaning supplies, emotional or mental support, skin care, sinus relief...the possibilities are endless). Read more about how essential oil diffusers work. 

5. Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

CBD Hemp Oil has a US patent as an Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant. CBD contains powerful antioxidant activity in the prevention and treatment of oxidative associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Autism, Heart disease, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. CBD Hemp extract also has the ability to lower intraocular pressure in treatment of glaucoma, protect against cellular damage, it contains anti-anxiety effects, protects the cells of the nervous system, nerves, and brain. Research also indicates that cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex system that contributes to a variety of biological processes like inflammation responses, pain, relaxation, sleeping and appetite.

How To Take It:
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is taken under the tongue. The dosage depends on the ailment you are taking it for. We usually recommend taking it twice a day starting with smaller doses and working your way up to the dosage that works best for you. Any of our staff is happy to answer any dosage questions and help you find the appropriate amount to have you feeling less pain, less anxiety, and an overall sense of clarity. 


6. Pure Herbs Liquid Herb Tinctures

These herbs in a liquid base deliver a potent dose of nutrients! From the popular All Cells Salts A.C.S. to Alfalfa and St. John’s Wort, these dietary supplements provide “the finest nature has to offer.” Get electrolytes, minerals, protect your respiratory system, maintain joint comfort, healthy digestion and more with the benefits of our wide selection of Pure Herbs tinctures! 

How To Use It:
The usage of Pure Herb tinctures depends on the herb you are taking. They can be taken directly under the tongue, mixed with water, or mixed into honey. There is a tincture for any possible symptom so come in and talk to us about what you need and we can recommend a dose for you!

Pure Stocking Stuffer & Holiday Gift Ideas (Starting at $6)!

We're making a list and checking it twice...of our everyday products that make great holiday gifts! From stocking stuffers to gift baskets, our suggestions are thoughtful ideas to keep your loved ones feeling well and pure. 




1. Rose Stocking Stuffers **Julia's Pick**

Pure On Main Holiday.png

Starting at $8.99 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Rose Regenerative Oil, Rose Hydrosol Facial Toner, Rose Geranium Poo-Pourri and Schmidt's Rose-Vanilla Natural Deodorant make the perfect rosy stocking stuffers. The Pure woman in your life will delight in spritzing Rose Hydrosol on her face to restore moisture and balance and facial oil to support the regeneration of underlying tissues for a youthful appearance. And she will smell purely rosy through the holidays with rose-scented toilet spray and deodorant. 

2. Cinnamon Essential Oil & Diffuser Set **Betsy's Pick**

Pure On Main Holiday (2).png

Starting at $6.00 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Bring back memories of cinnamon brooms providing that warm and spicy scent throughout the house. Give an essential oil diffuser with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil or Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil for a spicy and invigorating scent that lasts. As an added bonus, cinnamon bark essential oil has anti-microbial properties to help protect your loved ones during the bustling and busy holiday season. 

3. Holiday Skin Care Gift Set **Betsy's Pick**

Pure On Main Holiday (3).png

Starting at $20.00 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Mix Enaj, Mad Hippie and Cellfood for skin that's merry and bright. Enaj E-Plex Serum delivers a boost of vitamins and nutrients to skin at the cellular leve. Mad Hippie, one of our favorites for reversing the effects of sun-damaged skin, comes in a bright and fun dropper bottle. Cellfood will let the Pure women in your life rejuvenate skin quickly with a oxygen cell formulated to be both beautifying and nourishing. 

4. All Natural Beauty Box Kits **Betsy's Pick**

We will be carrying box sets for this Christmas of all natural beauty care and make up kits. Stay tuned to our newsletter this month for more information. 

5. Locally-Made Soap Stocking Stuffers **Julia's Pick** 

Pure On Main Holiday (4).png

Starting at $13.50 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

These handmade soaps are a thoughtful stocking stuffer. Our Natural Elements soaps include fresh scents and good-for-your-skin ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and frankincense. 

6. Poo-Pourri Stocking Stuffers, "Secret Santa" Scent **Betsy's Pick** 

Pure On Main Holiday (5).png

Starting at $9.95 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

If you've never used Poo-Pourri toilet spray - you are in for a lovely bathroom experience! Poo-Pourri Secret Santa is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins by creating a barrier on the water's surface. Simply spray before you go. Makes a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift! 

7. Massage Gift Card **Matt's Pick** 

Starting at $40.00

There's nothing better to unwind after those stressful holiday events quite like a massage therapy session at Pure On Main. Help your loved ones heal fro stress and inflammation. From soft relaxation to deep tissue therapeutic massage, our massage services include something for everyone!  

8. Foot Detox Gift Card **Betsy's Pick** 

Starting at $45.00

All of that holiday eating and travel is sure to leave your loved ones feeling in need of a cleanse! Ionic Foot Detoxification uses ions to enter the body through the thousands of large pores on the feet and circulate throughout the body. This service will leave your friends and family with more energy, reduced joint pain, enhanced immune function and clearer skin. 

Look Spooktacular, Not Spooky This Halloween

This Halloween, ward off bloat, germs, tired skin, lethargy and more with Pure On Main's hand-picked products! 

The candy binges, the kids, the parties, the late night out! Worried Halloween will leave you looking spooky long after you are out of your costume? 

The Pure On Main team is here to the rescue to keep you looking spooktacular. We’ve assembled a list of products to combat the most common wellness and health challenges that our customers have around Halloween. 


1. Ward Off The Risks Of Little Germy Hands.

Not only do these elderberry lozenges taste great, taking them can help to ward off a cold caused by the onslaught of little germy hands all in that candy basket at the same time. Pop them in your purse and take a few per day once you feel the cold coming on or to build up immunity before Halloween!


2. Banish Candy Bloat.

Did you know bloating occurs when your body cannot break down nutrients due to too few natural enzymes? Free of fillers, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten and artificial colors, these enzymes aid in proper digestion of your less than proper Halloween candy meal. 


3. Brighten Your ‘Awake All-Night’ Tired Face.  

Whether you stayed up all night long doing the Monster Mash or sewing that amazing Spiderman costume that would make all of the other neighborhood kids jealous, your skin is making it evident. Brighten, tighten and smooth tired skin with this Vitamin-C infused serum. 


4. Battle Candy With Blue Dye.

The right approach is probably not to eat too much candy with synthetic dyes in the first place, but it is difficult to avoid any Halloween season! Blue dye can inhibit cell respiration, producing surprise allergic reactions and swelling. Formulated for whole-body healthy inflammation response, Zyflamend could come in handy this Halloween.  


5. Soothe Irritated Costume Skin.

Not all costumes were made to be comfortable! And having your skin exposed in the cold night air didn’t help your skin to feel any better. Rejuvenate your dried out skin with healing agents like Jojoba oil, Beeswax and Bee Pollen. Or slather it on the kids little cuts and scrapes they got after tripping in the neighbor's yard. Studies have found beeswax to aid in the healing of wounds. Oh and did we mention this stuff smells divine?

Understanding How Essential Oil Diffusers Work & 4 Diffuser Types

At the most basic level, essential oil diffusers work by dispersing essential oils into the air to be inhaled and easily absorbed by the body. As an added benefit, most essential oils also emit a pleasant scent into the air when distributed via diffuser, also purifying the air - killing bacteria and fungus.

There are 4 basic types of oil diffusers.

Each of these diffusers uses a different process to disperse the essential oils into the air and come with their own unique benefits, and in some cases, limitations.

  1. Ultrasonic (Ultrasonic Vibration)
  2. Heat (Heat)
  3. Evaporative (Wind/Fan)
  4. Nebulizer (Force/Atomization)

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

What is an ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils?

Ultrasonic diffusers dispense healing essential oils into the air as negative ions. These diffusers get their name from the ultrasonic vibrations used to break down the essential oils into microparticles, allowing the oil to be dispersed as a very fine mist, mixed with steam, into the air. The process does not create a lot of noise, allowing the diffuser to run extremely quietly - ideal for relaxing, sleeping and working.

Does an ultrasonic diffuser use heat?

The ultrasonic diffuser process is adiabatic, meaning that the oil changes states without the use of heat. Because no heat is used in process, the integrity of the oil is fully preserved upon dispersal.

Can an ultrasonic diffuser double as a humidifier?

Yes, an ultrasonic diffuser uses water as part of the dispersal processes, adding the benefit of humidifying the room. Added water is sometimes criticized as it dilutes the potency of the oils, but for those who do not prefer overwhelming smells and for their oils to last longer, mixing them with water for dispersal can be seen as a good thing.

Heat Essential Oil Diffusers

What is a heat diffuser for essential oils?

A heat diffuser heats the essential oils until they evaporate into the air. Thicker oils, like Sandalwood, can be well-dispersed into a room when using a heat diffuser. Heat diffusers come in many types, including electric heat diffusers, candle heat diffusers and lamp ring. All models of heat diffusers use a tray where the oil is held next to the heat source so that it will heat and evaporate.

What are the disadvantages of heat diffusers?

While heat diffusers are an economical option that do a good job of their basic function - dispersing the essential oil - the use of heat changes the essential oils at the chemical level - changing and in many cases, limiting, the health benefits of the oils.

Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers

What is a evaporative diffuser and how does it differ from a heat diffuser?

While heat diffusers also distribute the oils via evaporation, evaporative diffusers use a fan to generate a wind vs. heat, to cause the oil to evaporate into the air. The oil in an evaporative diffuser is held in an absorbent material - usually a pad or a wick - so that the wind causes the oil to evaporate in a controlled fashion.

Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffusers

What is a nebulizer for essential oils?

A nebulizer is sometimes said to release the purest form of the essential oils, for the best in aromatherapy. This is because of the concentration that a nebulizer produces by breaking down the oils into atoms by force, much like a perfume bottle.  

How are nebulizers used for aromatherapy?

Unlike other diffusers, Nebulizers require no heat and no water. They deliver a concentrated and pure stream of essential oil dispersion, though you will likely need to place it on a timer in order to prevent the oil from quickly running out. This concentration and purity makes nebulizers a great option for aromatherapy.

Why should I use a diffuser?

Aside from being a great smelling alternative to candles or wax melts, essential oil diffusers can help you to relax with calming lavender, lift your spirits with a fun vanilla scent, remove airborne pathogens with tea tree or thyme, open your airways with cooling eucalyptus and more. The health benefits of using a diffuser that contains water also include doubling as a humidifier to help your dried out airways.

About the NOW brand.

NOW is well known for its affordable line of natural products. Ultrasonic diffusers, like NOW brand’s ultrasonic wood grain oil diffuser, have the benefit of breaking down the oils into particles tiny enough to be easily breathed in and absorbed by the lungs. Each type of essential oil has its own health benefits!

Why Your Body Can’t Digest Your Paleo Diet And 3 Easy Fixes



The Paleo Diet mimics the food groups of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. And our ancestors consumed anywhere from 19-35% of their calories from meat, seafood and animal products.

Not surprisingly, protein, specifically grass-fed animal protein, is a staple of The Paleo Diet. Today’s humans, in comparison, get about 15% of their dietary calories from protein.

Yes, protein is great for you - IF your body can digest it and assimilate its nutrients. Protein must first be broken down into amino acids to be bioavailable. So it is important Paleo dieters recognize that animal protein is considerably more difficult for our bodies to digest when compared to plant protein.

We sat down with our own Julia Fuller, Nutritional Counselor & CNHP at Pure on Main in Greenville, SC, to learn more about the resulting health risks and ways to support your body’s digestive processes.

The Risk Of A Diet High In Animal Protein  

People who eat meat several times a day typically have undigested protein in their bloodstream.

People who eat meat several times a day typically have undigested protein in their bloodstream.

“It’s common that I will see undigested protein come back in a blood test for meat eaters,” says Fuller, who offers blood cell analysis as a service at Pure on Main. This is because of the sheer amount of energy it takes for our bodies to digest animal protein, combined with the fact that most people today (due to hyper-processed foods and the fact that we are born with a defined amount of enzyme potential that we use up over time) have some degree of enzyme deficiency.

This buildup of improperly digested protein molecules in the blood can cause blood cells to become “sticky” leading to blood clots, high triglycerides and other cardiovascular complications and disease. It also reduces circulation in the bloodstream, which can result in lethargy and headaches. These undigested proteins may also form uric acid crystals, which can collect in the joints and cause pain.

Additionally, the digestive process itself is only one of the pancreas’ part-time jobs, the other being insulin production. Eating large amounts of animal products causes the pancreas to work harder and spend more time on enzyme production. This is the reason that some studies have linked diabetes to eating meat.

Plants: Nature’s Perfect Enzyme Package

Hunter-gatherers had access to meat and vegetables. What they didn’t have were today’s food processes that remove naturally occurring enzymes in their food.

Raw, organic, fruits and vegetables are nature’s perfect enzyme package - they contain all of the enzymes that the body needs for their digestion.

Raw, organic, fruits and vegetables are nature’s perfect enzyme package - they contain all of the enzymes that the body needs for their digestion.


Organic is key here. When most people think “organic” their thoughts turn to respecting the land, humane treatment of animals and no pesticides. But there is another reason that organic food is important - it retains the key enzymes that we need for the proper digestion of food. “Did you know that the little stickers on your apples mean something?” remarked Fuller. “If the code on your sticker starts with a 9, that means no irradiation or other processes have been performed on your produce: it’s organic.”

Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables, to meet the demands of consumers who expect fruit to appear unbruised and perfectly shaped, undergo a process called irradiation.



Irradiation is the application of ionizing radiation to food. It extends the shelf life of foods by reducing insects and microorganisms. But the process also depletes needed enzymes that naturally occur in the food - enzymes that we need to digest the food.


3 Ways To Offset Digestive Risks On The Paleo Diet

If you are currently on, or are planning to go on The Paleo Diet, there are easy ways to offset and minimize the risk of poor digestion due to the potential increase of meat in your diet. Here are three simple ways to improve digestion and fully enjoy the health benefits you seek from going Paleo.

  1. Consume Lots Of Organic Fruits & Veggies As Part Of Your Paleo Diet - While many Paleo cookbooks use meat as the main entree, it’s a myth that all Paleo meals must always include meat. A large part of the Paleo diet is eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you eat more plant food from fruits and veggies than you do from meat, and you’ll improve your health and digestion!

  2. Take Plant-Based Enzymes To “Scrub” Your Bloodstream - “Enzymes on an empty stomach act like roto-rooters.” says Fuller. Taking plant based enzymes on an empty stomach breaks down any undigested food already sitting the in bloodstream, cleaning up the “junk” that shouldn’t be there in the first place. This give you a clean slate for better digestion come meal time.

  3. Take Plant-Based Enzymes Before Eating Meat - Enzymes can be your much-needed sidekick to a Paleo diet. Allegany Enzymes are plant-based and break down 150,000 units of protein, helping meat eaters to achieve more efficient digestion and use less of their natural enzyme potential (you only have so much natural enzyme potential in a lifetime). This allows the body to redistribute this energy, avoiding the “post meal slump” and tiredness and preventing gas and indigestion. Visit our Allegany Enzymes product page to learn more!

How Much Vitamin D Do I Really Need? And Other Vitamin D FAQs


What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3, or Cholecalciferol, is the biologically active form of Vitamin D found naturally in our bodies. Vitamin D3 is converted from cholesterol when sunlight hits our skin, hence its nickname “the sunshine vitamin.”

Vitamin D3 behaves less like a traditional vitamin and functions like a steroid hormone. Vitamin D2 is found in non-animal products, fungi and plants, but it is much less potent in its benefits and effects.

How Much Sunlight Do I Need To Get Adequate Vitamin D?

In order to get the adequate amount of Vitamin D3 that the body needs, you would need to spend 15-20 minutes per day in full, direct sunlight. However, dark winter months, certain latitudes and long days in the office all make it difficult to get the needed Vitamin D from sun exposure each day. What’s more, sunscreen can block the reaction needed to produce Vitamin D3 in our bodies. But prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen carries its own risks.

Can I Get Vitamin D From A Tanning Bed?

While you can get Vitamin D from a tanning bed, a tanning bed is not a replacement for sun exposure for the purposes of getting proper Vitamin D. UVB rays, which the skin uses to produce Vitamin D, are found in tanning beds. However, most tanning beds primarily use harmful UVA rays, which greatly increase the risk of skin cancer and age the skin. There are much safer ways to get the recommended amount of Vitamin D - through foods or supplements.

What Foods Contain Vitamin D3?

Thankfully, Vitamin D3 is also found in many animal products including milk, eggs, sardines and Cod liver oil. But for many, Vitamin D deficiency becomes a problem when sunlight and naturally occurring Vitamin D from foods is not enough. A third source of Vitamin D is supplements like Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 5000 IU.

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for proper calcium absorption. Without it, the health of your bones and teeth can suffer. Vitamin D also plays a role in regulating the immune system and is said to be important for the prevention of autoimmune diseases. It is also taken as a mood booster to combat depression.

Some studies have shown that taking Vitamin D supplements lowers the risk of specific types of cancer.  

How Much Vitamin D Do I Need?

Depending on your Vitamin D levels, you may need to take between 400, and some organizations even recommend up to 5,000 IU daily. A blood test is the best way to tell if you have a Vitamin D deficiency and to understand the proper dosage based on your specific health needs. Your diet, weight, sun exposure, latitude, race and age may all affect your levels of necessary Vitamin D intake per day.

Why Take Jarrow Vitamin D3 5000?

Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 5000 delivers a potent dose of Vitamin D, which helps to protect against osteoporosis and other bone disorders. Consult a physician to learn whether this dosage is right for your specific health needs.

Visit our Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 5000 product page to purchase and learn more! 

Available at the Pure On Main Online Store!

Can Typhonium Plus Really Help Fight Cancer? : An Interview With Betsy Exton, Owner, Pure On Main

In this interview with Betsy Exton, Pure On Main holistic healing store owner and one of four therapists that works for the world-renowned Tony Robbins, we will learn about Typhonium and its use for treating cancer.  

A new natural cancer-fighting product has hit the U.S. market: Typhonium Plus. To learn more, we sat down with Betsy Exton, owner of Pure On Main in Greenville, SC, a natural and holistic health store.  

Betsy has worked with renown health and nutrition experts like Tony Robbins, and Terry Hall at Creative Health in Greenville, SC. She began her career path working at Ann Wigmore Natural Institute in Aguada, PR; one of the most recognized healing centers in the world.  

Betsy has been committed to helping patients live a better life through natural and holistic health for over 15 years. Her passion for helping others feel better shines through in this interview. 

Q: I’ve heard that Typhonium Plus is very new to the U.S. market. How did you first learn about Typhonium Plus?

A: (Exton)
First, if you are reading this interview and you or a loved one has cancer, my sympathy and support goes out to you. I hope that you find this information informative and helpful in supporting you in your battle.   

When I first opened Pure On Main, several years ago, I was working with a Naturopathic Doctor. She and I set out on a mission to find the best product that we felt was safe and effective in supporting those going through cancer. We looked at 100s of natural products on the market today that are used to treat cancer. Finally, we found Typhonium Plus, a product that is manufactured in Indonesia (because of where the Typhonium Flagelliforme plant naturally grows). But you pretty much couldn’t get the product in the United States. We fought to carry it in our stores. Today, we are only 1 of 2 stores in the United States that carries the product.

Q: Wow. So have you been selling a lot of the product since then? What do your customers think?

A: (Exton)
Thousands of the boxes have been flying off of the shelves. I have one doctor in Florida who orders the boxes every week because he has found it to be so effective for his patients. He has found that the cancer count is in his patients is going down so significantly that he orders it constantly. Most of these patients have either rectal or prostate cancer. I also have customers that drive in from Charleston, SC to my store (over a 3 hour drive), just to get the product.

 Q: So does the cancer shrink for all of the patients? What are the other benefits?

A: (Exton)
Great question. The number one reported benefit is having much more energy and boosted immune system. This is a big deal for those who have felt beaten down and exhausted from their battle for cancer.  

The second most common positive result that we see is white blood cell counts decreasing. The increased presence of white blood cells in the body indicates that it is fighting off infection. So when we see the white blood cell counts decreasing, this can indicate that there is less inflammation and infection that the body is having to fight off.  

Q: How can you know if the Typhonium Plus is working?

A: (Exton)
Some people feel like they have more energy after the first few days. But when it comes to the cancer-fighting effects, it is important to take it regularly for at least a month first. Get on it and stay on it. Even if you feel some of the side effects (which is not common), it can still be working.

Q: Does Typhonium also work in pets?

A: (Exton)
I haven’t had any pets take Typhonium. But I love my fur babies and would not be opposed to giving it to them in smaller doses if they were ever to need it. I’d likely dose it out by weight - 150-200 pounds. I’ve actually taken the Typhonium Plus myself (I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking myself) and think it could be helpful.

Thanks Betsy!

You can learn more about Typhonium Plus and purchase this amazing supplement on our Typhonium Plus Product Page.