Pure Stocking Stuffer & Holiday Gift Ideas (Starting at $6)!

We're making a list and checking it twice...of our everyday products that make great holiday gifts! From stocking stuffers to gift baskets, our suggestions are thoughtful ideas to keep your loved ones feeling well and pure. 




1. Rose Stocking Stuffers **Julia's Pick**

Pure On Main Holiday.png

Starting at $8.99 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Rose Regenerative Oil, Rose Hydrosol Facial Toner, Rose Geranium Poo-Pourri and Schmidt's Rose-Vanilla Natural Deodorant make the perfect rosy stocking stuffers. The Pure woman in your life will delight in spritzing Rose Hydrosol on her face to restore moisture and balance and facial oil to support the regeneration of underlying tissues for a youthful appearance. And she will smell purely rosy through the holidays with rose-scented toilet spray and deodorant. 

2. Cinnamon Essential Oil & Diffuser Set **Betsy's Pick**

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Starting at $6.00 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Bring back memories of cinnamon brooms providing that warm and spicy scent throughout the house. Give an essential oil diffuser with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil or Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil for a spicy and invigorating scent that lasts. As an added bonus, cinnamon bark essential oil has anti-microbial properties to help protect your loved ones during the bustling and busy holiday season. 

3. Holiday Skin Care Gift Set **Betsy's Pick**

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Starting at $20.00 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

Mix Enaj, Mad Hippie and Cellfood for skin that's merry and bright. Enaj E-Plex Serum delivers a boost of vitamins and nutrients to skin at the cellular leve. Mad Hippie, one of our favorites for reversing the effects of sun-damaged skin, comes in a bright and fun dropper bottle. Cellfood will let the Pure women in your life rejuvenate skin quickly with a oxygen cell formulated to be both beautifying and nourishing. 

4. All Natural Beauty Box Kits **Betsy's Pick**

We will be carrying box sets for this Christmas of all natural beauty care and make up kits. Stay tuned to our newsletter this month for more information. 

5. Locally-Made Soap Stocking Stuffers **Julia's Pick** 

Pure On Main Holiday (4).png

Starting at $13.50 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

These handmade soaps are a thoughtful stocking stuffer. Our Natural Elements soaps include fresh scents and good-for-your-skin ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and frankincense. 

6. Poo-Pourri Stocking Stuffers, "Secret Santa" Scent **Betsy's Pick** 

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Starting at $9.95 - SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE BEFORE DEC 1

If you've never used Poo-Pourri toilet spray - you are in for a lovely bathroom experience! Poo-Pourri Secret Santa is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins by creating a barrier on the water's surface. Simply spray before you go. Makes a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift! 

7. Massage Gift Card **Matt's Pick** 

Starting at $40.00

There's nothing better to unwind after those stressful holiday events quite like a massage therapy session at Pure On Main. Help your loved ones heal fro stress and inflammation. From soft relaxation to deep tissue therapeutic massage, our massage services include something for everyone!  

8. Foot Detox Gift Card **Betsy's Pick** 

Starting at $45.00

All of that holiday eating and travel is sure to leave your loved ones feeling in need of a cleanse! Ionic Foot Detoxification uses ions to enter the body through the thousands of large pores on the feet and circulate throughout the body. This service will leave your friends and family with more energy, reduced joint pain, enhanced immune function and clearer skin.