Look Spooktacular, Not Spooky This Halloween

This Halloween, ward off bloat, germs, tired skin, lethargy and more with Pure On Main's hand-picked products! 

The candy binges, the kids, the parties, the late night out! Worried Halloween will leave you looking spooky long after you are out of your costume? 

The Pure On Main team is here to the rescue to keep you looking spooktacular. We’ve assembled a list of products to combat the most common wellness and health challenges that our customers have around Halloween. 


1. Ward Off The Risks Of Little Germy Hands.

Not only do these elderberry lozenges taste great, taking them can help to ward off a cold caused by the onslaught of little germy hands all in that candy basket at the same time. Pop them in your purse and take a few per day once you feel the cold coming on or to build up immunity before Halloween!


2. Banish Candy Bloat.

Did you know bloating occurs when your body cannot break down nutrients due to too few natural enzymes? Free of fillers, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten and artificial colors, these enzymes aid in proper digestion of your less than proper Halloween candy meal. 


3. Brighten Your ‘Awake All-Night’ Tired Face.  

Whether you stayed up all night long doing the Monster Mash or sewing that amazing Spiderman costume that would make all of the other neighborhood kids jealous, your skin is making it evident. Brighten, tighten and smooth tired skin with this Vitamin-C infused serum. 


4. Battle Candy With Blue Dye.

The right approach is probably not to eat too much candy with synthetic dyes in the first place, but it is difficult to avoid any Halloween season! Blue dye can inhibit cell respiration, producing surprise allergic reactions and swelling. Formulated for whole-body healthy inflammation response, Zyflamend could come in handy this Halloween.  


5. Soothe Irritated Costume Skin.

Not all costumes were made to be comfortable! And having your skin exposed in the cold night air didn’t help your skin to feel any better. Rejuvenate your dried out skin with healing agents like Jojoba oil, Beeswax and Bee Pollen. Or slather it on the kids little cuts and scrapes they got after tripping in the neighbor's yard. Studies have found beeswax to aid in the healing of wounds. Oh and did we mention this stuff smells divine?