Liver Love

We love our livers!
How could we not? 
Step right up! Come see the amazing liver as it does over 500 jobs in the human body! Watch as "e
very drop of blood in your body moves through your liver every hour of every day you are alive - not to be filtered, but to be restored(!)" Susun Weed

"Think of the liver as a recycling center. As the blood moves through the intricate network of cells that make up the liver, it is carefully examined. Metabolic by products, hormones, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, viral particles, and all the chemical detritus of living that are in the blood are judged: some are allowed to stay, others dismantled for recycling, and some tagged for removal," Susun Weed.


The liver works hard processing and creating and recycling, but it actually stores very little! With the kidneys, the liver creates vitamins A and D and stores these and other fat soluble vitamins. The liver also stores sugar in the form of glycogen, and regulates iron and copper, releasing them into the bloodstream when needed. But most of the "toxins" we think of are processed by the liver, and away they go! Water soluble toxins are sent by the liver to the kidneys to be excreted in urine, while fat soluble chemicals are packaged up and shipped out to be excreted in breast milk, ovulations, ejaculations, and tears, or stored in fat cells.
My point is, your liver is not dirty.
You are not dirty. 
But sometimes, our liver needs some love and support.
Instead of thinking of a liver cleanse as a scrub brush for this "filthy organ," why not see it as a helping hand for our hard working livers in an increasingly polluted world.
Herbalist, CoryPine Shane writes that the three main ways we can cleanse and aid the liver are through fasting, maintaining a good diet, and using medicinal herbs specific to the liver. Some of my favorite medicinal herbs for supporting the liver are common "weeds" like dandelion and burdock! Others like oregon grape, yarrow, and licorice are readily available to buy dried or tinctured. 
What it comes down is that everyone is different. Our needs, sensitivities, and lifestyles are different. And there is a liver support/love/cleansing herb that is appropriate for you! It may come in a box. It may come in a bottle. It may come in a capsule or a tincture. It may grow in your backyard! But we're here to help you love your liver and find your next herbal ally, just in time for some spring cleaning. 


Lovely motherwort. I'm called to write today about an herb that is close to my heart.

      In natural medicine, we are often taught that herbs that help the womb also help the heart.This sweet herb is a strong ally to us. 
-She relaxes the womb and is antispasmodic. 
-Soothes anxiety.
-Eases heartache.
I use motherwort when friends are having a very heavy menstrual flow, cramping, pms, and to soothe the nerves and calm the heart. Motherwort is supremely useful for the digestive system. Her antispasmodic properties relax stomach and intestinal cramping. It is not a laxative, but a relaxant and a bitter herb. When taken as a tincture, especially before meals, it supports healthy digestion and movement.
This amazing herb is a wonderful simple (an herb taken by itself instead of in combination) for anxiety or frazzled nerves. She does beautifully in combinations to support female reproductive health, digestion, or in antispasmodic blends. Get to know Motherwort today!

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Heart Health Month

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Valentine's Day is over, but we at Pure On Main made a conscious decision to leave our heart decorations up all month.
Not because we're Valentine's enthusiasts, but because we believe in the power of natural medicine for the heart.
The three things that come to mind when someone seeks our help for heart health concerns are
Hawthorn, Fish Oil, and CoQ10.
An herb, a food, and an antioxidant. 

The Herb: Hawthorn
Hawthorn is a member of the rose family, and the grandmother to the beautiful flowers we think of so frequently in association with love. According to herbalist, Robin Rose Bennet, in her book The Gift of Healing Herbs, "Hawthorn strengthens and protects the heart and cardiovascular system, as well as the coronary circulation...Hawthorn increases the ease of circulation by toning the arteries as it strengthens and soothes the heart, and is considered specific for angina pectoris and functional heart disease. She is…a direct tonic to the heart, arteries, nerves, blood, and intestines.” Bennett also notes that hawthorn is abundant in quercetin, as well as a variety of other anti-inflammatory bio-flavonoids. Because of its tonifying nature, Hawthorn is recommended for a variety of different concerns, from promoting the healing of hemorrhoids, to supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We love it as a tincture or a capsule.

The Food: Fish Oil
When someone walks into our store and we offer them a sample of fish oil, the looks on their faces tell us a story. We find our customers are used to fish oil the old fashioned way, complete with fishy tasting burps long after they've swallowed a handful of large fish oil capsules. 
But times have changed, folks! 
The fish oils we offer in our shop taste like dessert, and are in a form so easy to digest that our livers and gall bladders get a much needed break. Stop in to try some today!
Fish oil is recommended by herbalists and nutritionists, such as Phyllis A. Balch, in her book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, to support conditions, from heart disease and high cholesterol, to achey joints, to depression. Every cell in our body requires good, healthy fats, and fish oil is an excellent source of those Omegas. 

The Antioxidant: CoQ10
CoQ10 is present in the mitochondria of every cell in the body. It is vital because of its role in energy production, but it is "believed that as many; as 75 percent of people over fifty may be deficient in coenzyme Q10," (Balch, 79). Balch also states that without enough of this crucial coenzyme, "the heart cannot circulate the blood effectively," (79). CoQ10 is recommended to support a number of health projects, including migraine prevention, improving energy, blood pressure management, and for chronic cardiac failure. In fact, CoQ10 is used in Japan for use in treating congestive heart failure! 

We're excited about heart health, and about hawthorn, fish oil, and CoQ10. Call us or come in today to learn more about these diverse and useful remedies!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.