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Ionic Foot Detoxification Services

As we know, our modern world can fill our bodies with so many toxins that
we are often unable to excrete them through natural processes. Ionic Foot Detoxification uses ions to enter the body through the thousands of large pores on the feet and circulate throughout the body, neutralizing oppositely charges toxins in the cells, acting as a catalyst to spur the body’s elimination of the waste.

Ionic Foot Detox Rates:

  • One person: $45

  • Two people: $40 each (sharing one appointment slot)

What Can You Expect from Ionic Foot Detox?

More energy, more alkaline pH, reduced joint pain, enhanced immune function, clearer skin, increased oxygen, reduced inflammation and fluid retention and improved sleep to name a few! Colon Hydrotherapy followed by Ionic Foot Detox is a great combination!


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