julia fuller
Wellness Consultant

In 2003, when Julia, a Greenville native, returned home to South Carolina after 12 years of living in Colorado’s mountains, she was introduced to Mind Body Spirit healing.  Her knowledge of natural living and healing bubbled up, and Julia found a career working at Garner’s Natural Market and Café.

Julia learned from the knowledgeable ladies at Garner’s as she worked full time for over 7 years as Wellness Associate, Wellness Manager, Store Manager and Sr. Education Director.

Over the years, Julia gained a wealth of knowledge and experience while she worked with thousands of people in Greenville; something that you just can’t get from a book or a classroom.

In 2013, Julia furthered her Natural Healing Education and began working with people on a deeper level. She provides individualized Holistic & Wellness Consulting, while simultaneously learning more about Blood Cell Analysis and through part-time work and apprenticeship with Jean Petan, PhD, at Solutions in Health Care. She is so excited to join Betsy’s team at Pure On Main, and work with clients to cleanse, build, and maintain superior health.

Master Herbalist from Trinity School of Natural Heatlth, C.N.H.P. (Certified Natural Health Professional), with further education through the Medicine Makers’ Boot Camp, classes on Gerson Therapy, Face, Tongue, and Nail Analysis, Reams Theory of Biologic Ionization Testing (RBTI), Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis.

• A thorough, interview style, health history
• Body Chemistry and Live Cell Analysis
• Analysis of iris, fingernail, face, and tongue

Recommendations for lifestyle changes to support physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual health.

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