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Nutrition Counseling Services

An initial nutrition consultation includes Live Blood Cell Analysis, Iridology, Face Tongue and Nail Analysis, Reams Testing and BioEnergetic Testing.

Nutritional Counseling Rates:

  • Initial Consultation: $120
  • Follow-Up Consultation: $75
  • Food Screening Follow-Up: $35
  • Urine & Saliva Checkup: $35

What is Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Cell Analysis is a helpful tool that allows us to examine your cellular health, circulation, mineralization, microorganisms, and identify patterns that can lead to degeneration. Cellular Analysis can show you health and integrity of red blood cells, bacteria, parasites, fungi, free radical damage to red blood cells, how the body is digesting food, circulation and oxygenation levels, and uric acid crystals and any risk of gout. This is a great way to get an in depth look inside the body and how to address your body's specific needs for optimal health.

What is Iridology?

Iridology is an ancient tradition of reading signs in the iris of the eyes to acquire information about one’s inherent constitutional makeup and what organs may be stressed or need supporting.

What is Face, Tongue and Fingernail Analysis?

Face, Tongue and Fingernail analysis tells a story of what the body needs to achieve balance and what the top priorities are, as wells as what may be the causes of imbalance.

The Nutritional Counselor also tests urine and saliva to learn about the body’s pH and how each person is assimilating nutrients and excreting waste.

What is BioEnergetic Testing?

A consultation also includes BioEnergetic Testing. It involves Food Screening, to determine which foods are compatible with your body right now, and also tests supplements, determining which ones your body will respond to positively and which ones work well together synergistically.

If you participate in Nutritional Counseling, you can expect to become better educated about what root causes lie beneath symptoms you may be experiencing and how to support the organs that are causing imbalance. You can expect to learn which essential nutrients you may be missing and what whole foods or whole food supplements will fill the gap.

You can expect to work on balancing your pH, reducing stress, better assimilating your nutrients, achieving better elimination, strengthening your immune system and generally, feeling like your best self! Whatever your health goals are, you can achieve them!


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