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Argentyn 23 Silver First Aid Gel 1oz | Pure On Main


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Argentyn 23 Professional First Aid Gel from Natural Immunogenics is a homeopathic medicine that is a great alternative to conventional and herbal topical treatments. Works in 4 ways to support fast mending of minor wounds*: Reduces Topical Discomfort:Provides support for reducing pain quickly, taking the sting out of skin irritations* Calms Skin Irritiation:Provides supportfor reducing the swelling, redness and heat that often accompany minor skin wounds* Fights Minor Skin Infection:Helps support the body to keep minor skin infection at bay, allowing minor wounds to repair quickly* Promotes Healthy Skin Integrity:By providing support for reducing topical pain, and fighting minor skin infections, Argentyn 23 First Aid Gel may help skin recover from all kinds of minor wounds* Provides these distinct advantages: Kid-Friendly*: Sting-free formula reduces topical pain, does not add to it (*with adult supervision) Clean and Pure: No synthetic preservatives Non-Greasy, Transparent and Odorless: You will hardly know its there Argentyn 23 supports relieving: Burning* Stinging* Itching* Redness* Stiffness and pain from minor wounds* Minor Burns* Bruises* Ulcerations (minor cuts and scrapes)* Blisters* Bug Bites* Skin eruptions from acne, eczema or infection* Rashes*

Is Argentyn 23 Silver A Natural Antibiotic?

Yes, Argentyn 23 silver is a natural antibiotic! In fact, silver is the only metal with antimicrobial properties that is not toxic to humans. Silver has antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. This hydrosol contains 99.999% pure silver in purified water and contains one of the smallest particle sizes ever used in a colloidal silver product (0.8 nanometers), which speeds the body’s rapid absorption of the silver, killing the bacteria faster.

Which Argentyn 23 product should I choose?

Argentyn 23 is available in a nasal spray, topical spray, topical gel, liquid dropper and dietary supplement. The topical spray enables easy application for kids, pets and larger areas for treatment (eg. rashes). The topical gel is a great choice for cuts and wounds. The nasal spray is commonly used to rapidly heal nasal infections.

What are the most common uses for Argentyn 23?

Argentyn 23 is commonly used on cuts, scrapes, rashes and infections as a natural alternative to other antibacterial products. Think of it as a household replacement for cortisone creams and antibiotic ointments.

What is the benefit of using Argentyn 23 rather than my normal household antibacterial products?

While most antibiotics and antibacterial indiscriminately kill bacteria, Silver attacks bad pathogens while avoiding damage of the friendly bacteria. It is also available in a variety of forms for easy absorption and/or application, including a spray, gel, nose spray, dropper and dietary supplement. Argentyn 23 does not cause the development of resistance as seen with other antibiotics.

How Does Argentyn 23 Silver Have Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Properties?

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Silver are well established. In fact, many wound dressings, household bandages and medical equipment is made with silver. Argentyn 23 professional grade Silver stops the production of bacteria and disrupts the protein structure and integrity of the bacteria cell. When bacteria comes into contact with silver, the cells cannot survive or reproduce.

Can You Put Argentyn 23 Silver On An Open Wound?

Yes, you can put Argentyn 23 Silver products on both minor wounds and major wounds. It fights skin infections and eczema, rashes and inflammation.

Can Argentyn 23 Silver Fight Viruses?

Yes, Argentyn 23 Silver uses very small nanoparticles that can pierce the very small virus cell membrane, making it an antiviral product.