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Dr. Schulze's ECH+, Echinacea Plus | Pure On Main


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Product Description

Additional support for the seasonal change.

Ever feel like your immune system is not functioning at its best or have a little sniffle as the seasons change? Our Echinacea Plus helps to boost your immune cells and responses, keeping you going and helping your immune system to stay strong.

  • STRENGTHENS your immune system
  • INCREASES the number of immune cells and immune chemicals in the body and blood.
  • The most POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Echinacea blend available.
  • ACTIVATES & SUPPORTS BODY’S DEFENSES: Our all-natural botanical extracts have been formulated to help boost the body’s defenses, stimulate immune cells, and increase overall wellness. Containing two different species of echinacea root and seed, this powerful combination supports your health from the inside, strengthening immune responses and protecting against environmental toxins, stress, and harmful invasions that weaken the immune system.
  • PREMIUM FORMULA: Dr. Schulze’s, Echinacea Plus (ECH+) dietary supplement is a unique blend of five herbal ingredients that support, defend, and protect your body. Safe, all-natural ingredients, including Habanero Pepper Seeds and Juice, increase the infusion’s effectiveness to be 10x more powerful than other Echinacea formulas.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: At Dr. Schulze’s, we don’t compromise performance or quality. Our clinical formulas are comprised only of all-natural ingredients and manufactured in our certified organic facility. Echinacea Plus contains two strains of organic Echinacea, fresh Habanero juice and seeds, and Garlic.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: ECH+ is not only safe and easy to consume, but also extremely effective. Our Echinacea is gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian. It also contains no sugar, whey, wheat, soy, corn, dairy products, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Excluding ingredients that inhibit consumption for some people makes this supplement safe for everyone.
  • WHY DR. SCHULZE’S?: As one of the foremost authorities on Natural Healing and herbal medicine, Dr Schulze’s herbal formulas and programs have been used by hundreds of thousands in clinics around the world with life-changing results. We are passionate about getting you the best herbal supplements on the market today. Our mission is you.

Echinacea Plus Supplement Ingredients:

  • Echinacea Root,
  • Organic Echinacea Seed,
  • Organic Garlic Bulb,
  • Wild Harvested Habanero Pepper and Juice.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.