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Dr. Sculze's Liver and Gallbladder Detox Tea | Pure On Main



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A great tasting, traditional recipe with powerful health benefits!

  • FLUSHES and DETOXIFIES the blood, liver, gallbladder and entire digestive tract
  • CLEANSES the skin
  • ELIMINATES gas and indigestion
  • INCREASES the flow of urine
  • LEADING BRAND IN DETOX FORMULAS – As one of the foremost authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, Dr. Schulze’s herbal formulas and programs have been used by hundreds of thousands in clinics around the world with life-changing results.


What Does Your Liver Do? 

Weighing in at around 3 pounds, your liver holds 13% of the blood in your body at any time. According to an article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine titled “Liver: Functions and Anatomy,”

The liver regulates most chemical levels in the blood and excretes a product called bile. This helps carry away waste products from the liver. All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver.

The liver processes this blood and breaks down, balances, and creates the nutrients and also metabolizes drugs into forms that are easier to use for the rest of the body or that are nontoxic. More than 500 vital functions have been identified with the liver.

Detoxing Liver and Blood Cells

It produces bile, carries away waste products, breaks down fats, processes alcohol and other toxins, converts excess glucose into glycogen, regulates amino acids, recycles red blood cells, and more. Unlike some organs like your gallbladder or kidney, you can’t live without a liver.

Without it, poor blood clothing would lead to uncontrolled bleeding, toxins and waste products would buildup in your body, you would become susceptible to bacterial infections and disease, and you would incur brain swelling. These factors would likely lead to death within days.

Liver regeneration

However, you can survive after having a portion of it removed. Then, amazingly,  it can regenerate itself like a lizard’s tail!  Healthline post “Can You Live Without a Liver?” explains, “Your liver is the only organ in your body that can regrow after parts of it have been removed or damaged. In fact, your liver can grow back to its full size in just a matter of months.”

Of course, it’s best to take preventative measures, so you can avoid liver failure and the need for surgery.


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