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Intestinal Support by Transformation Enzymes includes a synergistic formulation of herbs and enzymes to support a healthy intestinal system.*The protective bacteria naturally present along the mucous membranes are a vital part of our immune system. However, supporting our microbial balance has become an increasingly prevalent concern in modern civilization. This is largely a consequence of factors such as poor dietary choices. For example, the typical American diet contains large quantities of sugar, and intestinal microbial organisms utilize sugars and starches as their primary food source. This formula is designed to support optimal microbial balance in the GI tract.* FeaturesHerbs and Nutrients: Intestinal Support includes the herbal ingredients echinacea, grapefruit seed, garlic, oregano, pau d’arco, and chlorophyll as well as the nutrients zinc and selenium to help support healthy immune system function.* Enzyme Blend: Our Intestinal Support formula also includes eight different kinds of enzymes to help break down and deliver the herbal ingredients as well as provide additional immune system support.* Caprylic Acid: This ingredient is known for its ability to help promote internal bacterial balance.* Health Benefits: Transformation’s Professional Protocol Intestinal Support is an effective formula designed to help support microbial balance and a healthy immune system.*