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Contains Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS), an Iron Complex That is Specially Prepared to Reduce Irritation of the Stomach in Comparison to Other Forms of Iron*

IronSorb® Function: Supports Oxygen Transport*

IronSorb® Highlights

  • Contains Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS)
  • Less Irritating to the Stomach in Comparison to Other Forms of Iron*
  • Rapid Intestinal and Not Affected by Food*

What Does IronSorb Do?

IronSorb® contains Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS), an iron complex that is specially prepared to reduce irritation to the stomach in comparison to other forms of iron.*

Iron is an essential trace mineral required as a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin for transport of oxygen to tissues.* Supplemental iron is essential during pregnancy and for many teenage males and females.*


Suggested Usage

Take 1 capsule per day with a meal or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

NOTE: If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, lactating, trying to conceive, under the age of 18, an adult male, a post-menopausal female, or taking medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.


Other Ingredients

Cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and silicon dioxide. Capsule consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Contains: Milk (casein).

No wheat, gluten, soybeans, egg, fish/shellfish, or peanuts/tree nuts.

NOTE: IronSorb® is a very stable product, and its color naturally ranges from tan to dark powder (granules).

Suitable for vegetarians.

Store in a cool, dry place.

IronAid® is an advanced source of Iron Protein Succinylate.