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N-A-C Capsules from Jarrow Formulas® may provide antioxidant benefits and support liver and lung functioning. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (N-A-C) is an antioxidant amino acid and a precursor to glutathione‚ a helpful antioxidant.

Glutathione is known to potentially aid with detoxification and provide protection from oxidative stress. Unstable molecules called free radicals are the main cause for oxidative stress and antioxidants seem to be able to prevent or stop the activity of free radicals.

N-A-C is obtained from L-cysteine and has many medicinal uses. The supplement from Jarrow Formulas® brings to you this powerful antioxidant in an easy to take capsule.

Studies show that N-A-C may also help reduce a type of cholesterol called lipoprotein and help regulate homocysteine levels.

N-A-C Capsules from Jarrow Formulas® are free of wheat‚ gluten‚ soybeans‚ dairy‚ eggs‚ fish/shellfish‚ and peanuts/tree nuts.