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Latero Flora Probiotic Supplement

What is Latero-Flora? Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that populates the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria to support digestion, promote a healthy colon, and boost the immune system. Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules.

“You are NOT what you eat – you are what you assimilate and don’t eliminate.”

– Julia Fuller, Nutritional Counselor & CNHP at Pure On Main

How does a probiotic like Latero-Flora work?

Probiotics break down the waste in our colon to get it out of the body, promoting weight loss. They also help the body to assimilate and digest food so that nutrients get to our cells, keeping our hunger at bay. You feel hungrier when your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients that it needs. Let’s say, for example, that your body is not digesting fats – this also means that you can’t digest any fat-soluble vitamins.

There are a lot of probiotics on the marketing, who choose Latero-Flora?

Latero-Flora contains spores that establish new colonies of bacteria in your gut. Good bacteria boosts the body’s ability to handle bad germs. When our good bacteria is present, it keeps the gut’s ecosystem in check. Without it, bad bacteria start to take over.

Today, antibiotics are the number one cause of bacterial deterioration in our gut. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed, fed to the animals we eat and pushed into our water supply. In fact, 60 million pounds of antibiotics are distributed in the U.S. each day.

As a result, Americans have 300 fewer strains of bacteria in their bodies than people in other countries. And when our gut bacteria is run down, it causes increased sickness and even depression. Latero-Flora can help to counteract these effects.

Aren’t probiotics found in our food naturally? Why do I need to take a supplement?

Back in the old days, we cured meat and ate more fermented foods. Today, much of our food is processed to the point of removing the good bacteria we need. Due to many external elements to do with our food and water, it often takes a therapeutic dose of a probiotic like Latero-Flora to restore your good bacteria. Eating fermented foods is also helpful for ongoing maintenance.