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Mood Elevator Concentrate, 30 caps


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Benefits:_Encourages an overall sense of well-being._Strengthens liver function, which, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, may affect mood._Supports the circulatory and lympathic systems. Mood Elevator TCM Concentrate, Chinese [Nervous] contains the same herbs found in Chinese Mood Elevator but in a highly concentrated blend. Traditional Chinese Medicine would consider this a-‘fire enhancing‘ combination to regulate and untrap the chi (vitality). Its two key ingredients, bupleurum root and cyperus rhizome, may support the liver, the organ (according to Chinese philosophy) that plays an integral role in mood. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the liver is functioning at its peak, positive mood may be maintained. Its Chinese name jie yu can be translated to mean-‘relieve depression.‘ This combination includes:Perilla leavesCyperus rhizomeChih-shih fruitTyphonium rhizomeAurantium peelBamboo sapBupleurum rootCnidium rhizomeGambir stemHoelen sclerotiumOphiopogon root tuberGinger rhizomePanax ginseng rootPlatycodon rootTang-kuei rootCoptis rhizomeLicorice root