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ReNew Life - Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic - 30 Chewable Tablets



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ReNew Life – Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic – 30 Chewable Tablets

ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic keeps your child’s tummy in tip-top spirits every day.  This daily chewable probiotic is made with 6 scientifically studied Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains to ease occasional tummy trouble and support digestive and immune health, so your child feels better. Each tablet is bursting with delicious Berry-licious taste, and is naturally sweetened with tooth-friendly xylitol with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

  • Everyday Probiotic for Kids Age 2 and Older
  • 3 billion live cultures per tablet
  • 6 scientifically studied probiotic strains
  • Helps reduce occasional digestive upsets
  • Supports kids’ immune health
  • Great-tasting, Berry-licious chewable tablet
  • Sugar, dairy, and gluten free

Safe & Effective
This kid-friendly formulas work hard to provide more of the good-for-you bacteria that occur in a naturally healthy gut.

Multi-strain Benefits
Supporting good balance among all the diverse microbes in the digestive tract is key to your child’s well-being. But the environment, poor diet, and specific medications can put their gut in a rut. Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotics are made with multiple, scientifically studied strains to support digestive balance and harmony.

Digestive Wellness, Naturally
Renew Life believes a healthy gut is a happy gut. Their mission is to empower you to elevate your quality of life through better digestive health. For nearly two decades, they have pioneered superior-quality digestive wellness supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out. These include probiotics, fiber, digestive aids, enzymes, and internal cleanses. Their flagship brand, Ultimate Flora, is a line of high-potency, multi-strain probiotics formulated to balance and support the good bacteria found in a naturally diverse and healthy gut. By focusing on innovation and proven science to create powerful and effective formulas, Renew Life has become a leader in digestive wellness.

Ultimate Flora Probiotics – More Power To Your Gut!
Renew Life brings digestive wellness to a whole new level with Ultimate Flora, the #1 probiotic brand in health food stores nationwide. Their quality high-potency, multi-strain formulas are made with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, the most prevalent and researched good bacteria found in a naturally diverse and healthy gut. Ultimate Flora Probiotics help promote digestive and immune balance so you feel better, lighter, and more energized.

Healthy Gut, Healthier You!
For nearly 20 years, Renew Life has pioneered superior-quality digestive care supplements to help people achieve optimal health from the inside out. Renew Life devotes all of their time and energy in formulating products specifically with the health of the entire digestive system in mind, and go the extra mile in ensuring the ingredients in their products are protected and precisely delivered within the body to optimize potency and absorption. Renew Life’s unique formulations of probiotics, fiber supplements, digestive aids, enzymes, and internal cleansing programs will help you achieve digestive balance and harmony so you feel great.

Quality, Purity & Potency Guarantee
At Renew Life, they focus on promoting optimal health by formulating natural products that support digestive and total-body wellness. In order for Renew Life to provide you with the best possible digestive support, their products must exemplify the highest levels of quality and purity. Their comprehensive quality program includes careful analyses of their raw materials and systematically testing of their finished products to ensure that they meet or exceed the p