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Typhonium Plus for Cancer - Herbal Supplement for Cancer



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Typhonium Plus For Cancer (Typhonium Flagelliforme)

If you are looking for a natural, herbal supplement to help with the fight against cancer for you or a loved one, Typhonium Plus could be a great option.

What Is Typhonium Plus For Cancer?

Typhonium Plus is an herbal supplement with natural ingredients used to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients by supporting the immune system to fight cancer. In some cases, Typhonium Plus patients have seen a reduction in tumor size. Typhonium Plus is made from the plant Typhonium flagelliforme, a Malaysian flowering plant also known as Rodent Tuber, in the family Araceae.

Typhonium Plus pill composition

  • Typhonium flagelliforme / Rodent tuber plant 80%
  • Andrographis paniculata 10%
  • Curcuma zedoaria 10% (in extract form)

The Typhonium Plus product comes in powder form inside of a capsule, and is made in Indonesia. Preserving the invaluable tradition of Indonesian JAMU (traditional herbal medicine), and processing the best medicinal plants from Indonesia’s tropical rainforest with advanced technology, Typhonium Plus is a high quality product at an affordable price.

What Results Have Patients Taking Typhonium Plus Reported?

Pure On Main customers taking Typhonium Plus have reported:: Increased energy Increase in appetite Reduction in cancer cell count Reduction in tumor size Reduction in white blood cell counts, which can indicate that there is less inflammation or infection as the presence of white blood cells indicate that the body is fighting infection.

Is Typhonium Plus Safe & Doctor Recommend?

While Typhonium Plus is not FDA approved for the treatment of cancer, it is legal in the United States.

Typhonium Plus is an herbal supplement, not a chemical, and can also be taken as a supplement for individuals without cancer for boosting the immune system.

Each Typhonium Plus pack comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity. It has been known to help as a cancer support supplement.

For What Types of Cancer Is Typhonium Plus Known To Be Effective

Typhonium Plus has been used to treat patients with breast, lung, rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, bone, brain, leukemia, pancreas and cervical cancer. See testimonials here. 

For Which Stages of Cancer Is Typhonium Plus Effective?

Typhonium Plus may be taken for any stage of cancer, but the recommended dosage varies based on the cancer stage. Stages I & II : Take 1 capsule 2 times daily before meal. Stage III & Above: Take 2 capsules 2 times daily before meal; or as directed by health care practitioner.

How Can You Know If Typhonium Plus Is Working & How Long Do I Have To Take It Before Seeing Results

Some patients have reported the positive benefits of increased energy and appetite after taking Typhonium Plus after only a few days. It is best to take Typhoium Plus for 1 to 3 months and then visit your doctor to understand if there have been any changes to the tumor size.

For Typhonium Plus to be effective, it must be taken regularly, per the product directions. If you have been taking Typhonium Plus and feel lethargy or upset stomach, this does not necessarily mean that the product is not working. In one case, a cancer patient reported having a headache and upset stomach, but also had a lower cancer cell count during a checkup.

Are There Any Reported Side Effects of Typhonium Plus?

Most Pure On Main customers do not report any side effect from Typhonium Plus. Some known side effects are increases in bowel movements and diarrhea. Some patients have reported body fatigue, similar to fatigue felt while going through a detox program. Other potential side effects include lethargy, vomiting and stomach aches.

For more details, see blog post:  “Typhonium Plus: Does It Really Help Against Cancer?” 

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