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Step inside Pure on Main’s relaxing infrared sauna and take a break from your troubles for a short while. While you enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere of the sauna, your body will sweat out toxins and burn away calories. Infrared saunas also provide great pain relief for sore muscles and joints to help you fully relax after a tough day at work or an intense workout. This is a great add-on service to any of our other healing services to round out your wellness appointment.

Experience the power of vibration therapy at Pure on Main with our Total Body Vibration treatment. Your certified therapist will work to energize your entire body with controlled vibrations that can spark numerous benefits, such as enhanced blood flow, improved flexibility, and even weight loss. Vibration therapy can also help improve strength and balance with repeated sessions, and it’s a great method for reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

Excellent for: treating chronic pain, promoting weight loss, toning up and healing sore muscles
Pure On Main is relocating off Main!

We will be seeing clients at the new location - 804 Laurens Road starting in July! We are excited about easy access with plenty of parking!