Meet Our Team

Pure On Main is proud to have a team of talented, professional practitioners to provide you with everything you need to live healthy, happy and Pure.



Betsy Exton
owner, pure on main
colon hydrotherapist

Experience: 16 years
Certifications: Advanced Certified I-ACT

Betsy is pleased to bring natural healing services to Upstate SC. She believes Colon Cleansing to be the most effective way to rid the body of toxic buildup and waste.  It is a safe and gentle way of hydrating the colon allowing your body to naturally release the debris that has been building up. 
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Experience: 20 years

Natalie has been a colon hydrotherapist for 20 years, and specializes in colon, liver and kidney detoxification. She believes in whole body cleansing, being proactive, and taking responsibility for cleaning the filtering and eliminative organs of the body on a regular basis. 
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Matthew P. Waid
massage therapist

Experience: 10 years
Certifications: LMBT

Matthew has been practicing massage therapy since September 2008.
He is proficient in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, and Swedish massage therapy.
He has advanced knowledge of specific stretching techniques with emphasis on injury prevention and maintenance. Click here for more information about Matthew.


Julia Fuller
Wellness Consulting | Ionic FooT Detoxification | Iridology

Experience: 15 years
Certifications: C.N.H.P. 

Over the years, Julia has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with thousands of people in Greenville. She provides individualized Wholistic & Wellness consulting as well as Ionic Foot Detoxification and Iridology services. Click here for more information about Julia.