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Eric Eckelman, LMT Sc lic 2706

MET Degree from Greenville Tech

23 years working with individuals for better movement.

Having a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree (MET) guides my understanding and ability to evaluate what is going on with the soft tissue that aids in clients body movements.

Watching a client move I am able to figure out how to unwind the fascial tissue to create smoother mobility in their daily lives.

Types of body work used in each session:

  • Orthopedic massage: Manipulation of the soft tissue around the joints of the body.
  • Neuromuscular massage: Increases blood flow and nutrients to areas of the muscles to relieve pain, fatigue and weakness.
  • Trigger point therapy Direct pressure on a knot in the muscular tissue.
  • Assisted Stretching: Increases the range of motion and creates freedom of movement. Decreasing hip and back pain, shoulder, neck, and leg issues
  • Pre- and post-surgery: Work with people in preparation for shoulder, hip, back and /or knee replacements. After surgery loosens scar tissue to create fascia tissue for freedom of movement.

    As a team we will work together to improve your flex ability and increase your range of motion (ROM.)

    With better range of motion comes better golf swings, more comfortable running, walking and quality of life.

    Each session builds on the last one, to create an ease of movement in your life.


We are passionate about helping individuals achieve whole body wellness the all-natural way…by recommending plant-based vitamins and supplements, and a variety of alternative health spa therapies that aid in healing, nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating.

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    Pure On Main is relocating off Main!

    We will be seeing clients at the new location - 804 Laurens Road starting in July! We are excited about easy access with plenty of parking!