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Massage Therapist

Tamara Rae has ten years of experience in massage and bodywork. She has a deep love for Jesus, humanity and the healing arts. She works with prenatal women as well as the elderly and everyone in between. She utilizes the modalities of reflexology, aromatherapy, prenatal, hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue, polarity energy work, manual lymph drainage and fasciablasting. People who are tired of being in pain or discomfort and are looking for someone who will really listen to their needs are often drawn to Tamara because of her intution and emapthy. Those inherant qualities coupled with her extensive background of techniques make her the right choice for anyone seeking inner balance and restoration. Even if the concerns are auto immune; such as fibromyaligia. Or chronic concerns like migraines, you will leave her session feeling like a new person.


We are passionate about helping individuals achieve whole body wellness the all-natural way…by recommending plant-based vitamins and supplements, and a variety of alternative health spa therapies that aid in healing, nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating.

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    Pure On Main is relocating off Main!

    We will be seeing clients at the new location - 804 Laurens Road starting in July! We are excited about easy access with plenty of parking!