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Greenville Journal: Pure on Main & Pure Wellness Spa

The Real Deal for HEALTH: Live Pure.

Pure On Main and Pure Wellness Spa are growing like a garden to meet the natural healing needs of their communities. The new roots are growing at their new location in Greer to bring plant-based health and natural wellness methods to a new audience.

Pure has local wellness experts with decades of experience and education to help you find your roadmap to optimal health and wellness. They take a compassionate, educated, and individual approach to every customer, providing everything from vitamins and herbal supplements to massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, foot detoxes and organic skin care, plus many other services.

“We have a team of 14 experts in the wellness field,” says Betsy Exton, Pure’s owner and executive officer. “We have a naturopathic doctor, a master herbalist, and several specialists that help people on their journey to wellness. My team is unbelievably dedicated to take the guesswork out of your healing path. We continue to research daily to bring the best, latest and greatest products to our locations. To meet the increasing health needs of our ever-changing world, our expansion to Greer helps us introduce more people to natural wellness and plant-based medicine.”

Pure has a remarkable reputation for helping people feel confident in their path to health and happiness. Everyone walks out feeling better and more hopeful than they did before they came in.

Our motto has always been “Good In, Bad Out!” We pride ourselves in guiding your detox journey, while also building a nutrient-rich internal environment. Now even offering organic facials and body treatments for better self care options.

What inspires you?

“I was born to do this. I was born to educate people about plant-based medicine and EMPOWER people to learn about their body’s natural way to become and stay healthy.” — Betsy Exton